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Your values matter to us!  This is why our programs are focused in living those values as we formally introduce your child to different fields such as arts, mathematics and sciences.  We also give emphasis in cultivating social skills for the children at the center.

These are the programs currently available at Early Years Preschool and Childcare:

  • Infant
  • Toddlers
  • Pre-School
  • JK/SK Program
  • Before / After School

Please take time to visit their individual pages to know more about each program.  You can choose the program that is appropriate for your child’s age and learning capacity.

infantprInfant Care (3-18 months)

Infants at Early Years Day Care may be very young but it doesn’t mean they can’t join the fun learning activities. At our day care center, we include your little bundles of joy in our activities. Parents can also take part of our events and training sessions. Continuous communication with parents is of primary importance. Parents will be given daily reports of their child’s routine/day and overall progress.

Infant Care Program Features

  • Milk Feeding (with Bottle and Contents Provided by Parent)
  • Toys that Help Develop Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Health and Safety of Infants
  • Story Telling
  • Finger Plays
  • Establishing Self-Esteem and Trust with Caregiver and Peers
  • Stacking Blocks Activities
  • Music and Movement
  • Periodic Change of Diapers (or as needed)

toddlersToddler Play Group (18-30 months)

Welcome Toddlers! Youngsters become little adventurers and explorers in the Toddler Play Group at Early Years Tots in Training. It is high time for parents and educators to take advantage of the toddler’s sponge-like mind.  You’ll be surprised how intricate details can easily be hardwired into the toddler’s developmental learning.  The Toddler Program at Early Years Day Care consists of interactive group activities as well as one-on-one sessions with the early childhood educator. Here, they meet friends their age and experience loads of fun and learning activities such as:

  • Scrapbook and Art Projects
  • Circle Time
  • Public Speaking Exercises
  • Drama Club / Dramatic Play
  • Finger Paint Activities
  • Group Sports
  • Music Lessons
  • Baking and Cooking Class
  • Action Songs
  • Finger Plays and Puppet Show
  • Math Exercises
  • Literacy Activities

Preschool (30+ months) 

We help your child develop academic competencies early. The Preschool Program is designed to prepare your child for higher school age learning.

We introduce the very basics of foundational learning and progress to more complex childhood educational levels with these activities:

  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Counting Games
  • Writing Exercises
  • Arts and Graphics
  • Basic Problem Solving
  • Exercises in Following Directions
  • Music Class and Group Singing
  • Reading Exercises / Reading Out Loud
  • Group Play and Social Interaction
  • Addition and Subtraction Exercises
  • Learning Cultures Around the World
  • Emotional Skills Development (Learning Patience and Sharing with Peers)

junior-kinderJunior Kindergarten / Senior Kindergarten
(44+ months)

Our JK/SK program is designed to help prepare the child for the daily and annual routine of grade one. It is a full program that helps mould the child to know what to expect on their first year of school.

Each child will have their own personal work booklets, cubbies and personal pencil case. This will help teach them responsibility and organization of their own personal work space. They become aware of how to clean after themselves and receive homework once a week. At the end of the year each child will receive a report card from their teachers

Filled with education learning that surpasses the Board of Education guidelines

Covers all academic subjects of learning offered in school such as:

  •     Mathematics
  •     Language & Literacy
  •     Science
  •     Social Studies & Technology

BEFORE/AFTER (Schoolage)

Do you want your child to be productive even after school hours are over? You, like a lot of other parents, do.  This is why Early Years Day Care and Learning Centre has developed a program that is strategically arranged for before and after school hours.

The enrichment activities during this program provides for a strong sealing of what the child has learned for the day.  Their discoveries and experiences during school hours are solidified.

This program also allows for children to have social interaction, thus developing essential social skills that will ultimately lead them to healthy lifestyles and good choices for their future.

The Early Years Day Care Centre is pleased to offer high quality child care to school age children from 5 years -12 years of age. If your child is under the age of 5 and not currently enrolled in kindergarten operated by one of the school boards, please feel free to contact us for more programs appropriate for your child.

The primary goals of this program are to provide a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment to effectively meet the needs of school-aged children. The teaching staffs strive to build a respectful classroom community while meeting individual needs through various activities which are experimental, self-discovering and challenging. The children are encouraged to complete their homework during this time and together the children learn to work with one another in a social setting and in group activities.